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Post  water on Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:53 am

Earlier in the day, Ping G15 Irons play was suspended due to heavy rain at Augusta. After the rain came heavy winds and treacherous conditions on the greens with the some golf balls being blown off Golf Clubs line in mid putt. All of the leaders bar Singh fell back to the field and once again, the Masters proved that it will be the most resilient player of Ping G10 Irons the week that will walk away with a green blazer.

Play for the third round was finally suspended at 7:45 p.m. because of darkness leaving Singh (-7), Duval (-4), Els (-3) and Mickelson (-2) still out on the course. They will resume their rounds at the crack of dawn. But Loren Roberts (-3) managed to finish his round and will take advantage of a lie in before his quest for a first major.

A brilliant birdie on the Ping G15 hybird 14th hole put Singh at 7-under for the tournament, Ping G10 Hybrid taking advantage of Duval’s sloppy play through Amen corner. The 36-hole leader dunked his ball short of the 12th hole to record a double bogey and gave Singh some breathing room at the top.


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