The Torque and Weight Of Golf Clubs

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The Torque and Weight Of Golf Clubs Empty The Torque and Weight Of Golf Clubs

Post  elleinsmith on Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:40 pm

The Torque and Weight Of Golf Clubs

"Shaft Weight" can affect the feeling and rhythm up and down the pole to help your club and the effect of weight control such as hitting power.

"Shaft torque" can affect the strength of the ball changes Ji and Ji ball feedback and other effects.

Both with good ability you can play a very smooth, of course, will enjoy more fun shots.

Talking about the text, we first understand the background of the Callaway X-22 Irons shaft; currently commercially available shaft is divided into two major groups, one group for the wood, and the other for the iron used. The main difference is that Tip (front shaft) diameter size and length of the shaft is not pre-cut differences.

Generally speaking, with wooden shaft, Tip Size 0.335 inch diameter and 0.350 inches for the mainstream market, why? Because the major global business head design with most of this caliber to play, and each shaft manufacturers have developed a tacit agreement to move in this direction shaft; Callaway X-24 Hot Ironsbut still some old shafts or special specification is 0.410 inches, but still 0.335 inch and 0.350 inch for the mainstream market. The shaft length without cutting front is usually between 44 inches and 48 inches between the carbon fiber shaft weight is about 40 to 90 grams of this range.

Iron with a shaft portion, Tip (front shaft) diameter size of 0.355 inches and 0.370 inches for the main specifications, the shaft is not cut before the 43-inch or less in length. Callaway Diablo EDGE DriverShaft and some special models such as NSPro series, TrueTemper TC and PROJECT X series complete eight places cut by a good length of the rod sales numbers, but not more than 43 inches maximum. Commercially available carbon fiber shaft to its normal weight of about 60 to 110 grams, the metal iron body weight of about 70 to 130 grams.


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