Some tips for New To Be Golfer

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Some tips for New To Be Golfer Empty Some tips for New To Be Golfer

Post  elleinsmith on Tue Oct 25, 2011 6:25 pm

First step: Take some golf lessons from a pro. It will be the best investment you can make.

With a good grounding in the fundamentals from a golf professional, you will be able to apply
what you have learned when you go out on the course – and achieve much more success and

satisfaction from the game. If you want to minimize the expense, you can look into group

instruction or an adult education program at your local high school. Talk to some
friends or neighbors who golf to find out which local pros they can recommend as teachers.


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Golf clubs and bags, etc., can be very expensive these days, so it’s a good idea to make sure you

will be staying with the golf game before you make a big financial plunge. Why not begin by

borrowing some golf clubs from a long-time golfer you know? Ping G15 Driver Most of them have an old set lying around that they won

’t mind parting with for a while. When you are ready to commit yourself long-term, your pro can

look at your golf swing, make a lot of measurements and advise you in detail on the clubs that

will be best for you. This is important. You should have equipment that is tailored specifically

to your physical characteristics and abilities.

This is also important. Don’t go out on the golf course until you have completed your lessons.

If you do, it won’t be fun for you, and it certainly will not be fun for those golfers behind you

watching and waiting while you miss the ball or dribble it a few yards repeatedly.

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Also, before your first game, make sure you know the basic rules and terms, so you’ll know, for

example, what it means when someone tells you, “You’re away” (meaning it’s your turn to hit).


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