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Post  water on Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:18 pm

"He is unquestionably the best Callaway X 24 Hot Irons player in the world, but it doesn't mean he is unbeatable," Clarke said of Woods. "You have to play really well to have a chance of winning. It is a matter of accepting the challenge of playing your best, and some players don't want to accept that challenge. I would love to play him again. I know I've already beaten him. Tiger has set the benchmark for all of us. We're just following in his slipstream. And I'd love the opportunity of playing against him on Sunday."

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Clarke and Golf Clubs Woods share the same coach with each other, Butch Harmon and the burly Irishman is taking no more time than necessary with his teacher as Woods takes the majority of the coach's time. But Harmon still managed to squeeze in a quick 18-holes at Mizuno MP Craft Driver Augusta and neither of his star pupils will be taking any notice of his game this week as Harmon shot "in the 80's"!


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